It's simple: A pure clean = PURE JOY.

Think about the last time you hit the open road with a clean car. Remember how crystal clear the windshield was? How it felt to travel spotless in the sunshine?

A Cleaner Car. A Cleaner Planet

Let’s face it: We can’t live without clean water.

That’s why we capture rainwater off the roof for irrigation and invested in an underground water reclamation system. With every wash, we’re conserving and restoring our wash water. On top of our water conservation efforts, our car wash uses an efficient tunnel system and smart technology to conserve time and energy.

When you choose Pure Car Wash, you’re helping us protect our ecosystem, one car at a time.


We save 60 gallons of water with every wash.


Smart tunnel technology makes for a faster wash.


Our reclamation system allows us to reuse up to 95% of our wash water.


Gentle, biodegradable cleansers for low environmental impact.

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